These sculptures are all unique and are  one of a kind.

All made with care and attention to detail.

Quirky Ceramic Sculptures.

available for sale on Etsy:

Ceramic Figure - I have named her my Mick Jagger cross neanderthal woman-

This is just how the sculpture developed, She is very quirky, and I really love her!
I have added texture and details into the clay by imprinting onto the clay.

like all of my sculptures- this is a one off piece- I do not replicate.
She is going to be difficult to let go, but I know someone else could love her.

A selection of ceramic Dolls heads- you can put plants/cacti in them- or just leave them as they are- in all of their quirikyness.

Availalbe as hanging or freestanding.Various sizes being added to etsy:


This sculpture is inspired by, and is a homage to my brother, and days gone by.

Available on Etsy

(Plant not included)