I am a qualified tutor with many years exerience working with Powertex. I am avaiable to run a range of Powertex workshops at my home or your chosen venue.

Please contact me to discuss.

Discounts may be available fo 4 people or more.

Powertex Mirror

Taster workshop

3 hour workshop approx


Would you like an introduction to powertex?

I will guide you step by step to create a decorative frame, using powertex a Universal fabric hardening medium and various fabrics/lace and beads, to give gorgeous textures to your unique piece.

No experience needed.

All Materials are provided.




86-88 Chilwell road

Beeston, Nottinghamshire NG9 1ES

Join us to learn how to sculpt with Powertex, fabric,wood,wire, Then after a fun day, you will have an amazing sculpture to take home!


No experience needed to create a unique beautiful piece of weatherproof sculptured art, that you will be so proud to show to your family and friends.

You will create your own amazing fabric sculpture using Powertex Universal medium which is an incredible fabric hardening medium, plaster heads and recycled fabrics.


This is an informal course with a relaxed atmosphere and great results .Includes all materials.



Powertex Angel/figurine workshop



Saturday 27th October 2018 at Artworks Beeston


Thursday 4th October at

Long Eaton


10.am - 4.00


Powertex- Stone art Journal




Powertex tryptich workshop

places required
Choose date


Contact me to arrange a date to suit.

Workshop £30 pp

Would you like an introduction to stone art?For this stone art project, you will create a decorative stone art mixed media Journal/note book.

You will learn how to use Powertex universal medium, . Stone art - clay and molds.

No experience is needed, I will guide you step by step.


Contact me to arrange a date




Discount available for group bookings of 4 or more

Powertex Come along and learn how to make a unique piece of wall art. No experience needed as I will guide you step by step.

We will upcycle 3 pieces of wood panel (approx 35inches tall) to create a Triptych. We will be using a range of Powertex products including: , stencils, 3D flex, bister, natural fibres, inks, powertex universal Medium, 3d Flex, texture paste and paints, to create artwork you will be proud of.

Inc all materials

Giacometti inspired sculpture.

Contact me to arrange a date



Discounts available for group bookings of 4 or more


Create this Giacometti inspired sculpture, using Wire, wood and Stone art.

No experience needed as i will guide you step- by step.